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Kaunas Architecture Festival  and our partner Kaunas University of Technology Department of Architecture and Land Managment kindly invites final degree students (BA and MA) to participate in Kaunas Architecture Festival 2013 final student work exhibition-competition concerning Kaunas' historic city center derelict waterfronts revitalisation and revival of brownfield teritories with some historic heritage buildings. As a part of KAFe 2013, the international contest of final projects by bachelor and master degree students of architecture will be one of the most important educational events of the festival.

Students of Lithuanian and international higher education institutions were proposed to analyze relevant urban and architectural topics of downtown Kaunas in their final theses. In their public presentations, students will present their architectural conceptual proposals for areas which are abandoned or struggling with development: students will talk about the expansion of Kaunas city center, conceptual development of the riverfront downtown, urbanism and architecture of territories in Žemoji Freda, conversion of present production territories and their return into the city’s fabric, and the utilization of abandoned cultural heritage for a new function.  

Higher education schools will choose which projects of their own students will be presented at the exhibition. The participants here will compete for monetary prizes worth more than EUR 2000 and founded by Kaunas University of Technology, a special nomination founded by KAFe 2013 partner Caparol Lietuva, “True Colors of Architecture”, and for an Apple iPad. 

We invite and encourage architecture and urban students to propose ideas for revitalisation of Kaunas waterfronts and derelict historic territories with some heritage buildings. Exhibition will be held at newly built multi-purpose arena in Kaunas city center, standing in the urban island and will be open for citizenry during all Kaunas Architecture Festival 2013 period.



1st place - 1000 Euro
2nd place – 700 Euro
3rd place – 500 Euro


Company CAPAROL LITHUANIA has founded special nomination "True colors of architecture". The winner will be awarded with apple


For participants:

Detailed tasks descriptions are available in  in the section ARCH TASK or URBAN TASK, depending what is your field of interest, but main concern is basicly stessed on theese conceptual problems:

- Kaunas city urbanscape renovation: public spaces on watefronts and riversides in the city center.
- Conceptual architectural development of devasteted brownfield blocks near waterfronts and riversides of Kaunas (tasks may include Opera House, Museum, Municipality buildings, Congres center, Musical Theater, Housing etc.)
- Urban and architectural image of Kaunas waterfronts and riversides.


Exhibition and Catalogue

The exhibition will take place in 11 – 30 October in Zalgiris Arena.  The exhibition will be complemented by a catalogue of all participants projects.


All information about final degree students (BA and MA) design competition and registration: 




Conference Ecological Architecture 2013 is organized as a part of Kaunas Architecture Festival.  The festival is dedicated to waterfronts: historic cities and their links with rivers. This conference Ecological Architecture 2013 is dedicated to:

City center revitalization
City and water
Landscapes and water

Department of Architecture and Land Management of Kaunas University of Technology organizes and invites to the international scientific conference Ecological Architecture 2013.

The aim of this conference is to discuss the application of ecological ideas and principles of sustainability to the fields of architectural design and planning, to share the Lithuanian experience in this field with foreign colleagues, to identify the aesthetic and technological peculiarities of ecological or sustainable architecture considering climatic conditions, sociocultural peculiarities and other features of the region.

The first International Conference Ecological Architecture was organized in 2011.
The official language of the Conference is English.
The International Conference Ecological Architecture 2013 will take place in 24 – 25 October.

More information and registration: