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International Student (BA and MA) Projects Competition : Statistics


Advanced to its final sprint, international student project competition within the framework of Kaunas Architecture Festival alowes us to shed a light on a few statistical facts in order to put a higher gear for the competitors. Letters from all over the world (from Australia via India and Brazil to the United States) with the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on mundane items (merging of topics, change of locations, workgroups, presentations, size of prize) are received on a daily basis, and each of those mails are answered with the FAR (Frequently Answered Responses) personally.Architecture students from countries like Sweden and Germany, Portugal and Poland pleasantly surprise us in their unstopable wish already to upload their finished works. This contrasts with the sometimes relatively slow pace of local students. But we hope that this statistical data will boost up the enthusiasm of every participant not only for the prize, but also fame and perspectives…

All in all, computer generated statistics offers a colorful bouquet of trends: powerful squad of participants from neighboring Catholical Brazil whereas only a few guests from the far away Protestant-Lutheran Latvia; with hard questions of Chinese and Koreans (south) and only short and specific messages asked from Italy and Greece; a sudden, blitz-visit of a troup of girls from Bulgaria and Germany to recognize the area of Mediatheque task just before the Eurovision Song Contest and public transport difficulties for local architecture students while getting to the other side of the Nemunas river. Finally, it is a pleasure to joke a little bit – the whole competition algorithm is programmed for a unique, voluntary self-sacrifice – and all this arrives as a chance to upgrade an international lifestyle near the river Nemunas.


Over 50 official registrations with intentions of taking part in the students’ architectural projects’ competition were received; among those, 6 were received as responses from the international schools’ deans or study program curators – those came as guarantees that students of those schools will be advised to take part and submit individual thematic proposals to KAFe 2013 students’ competition. 
The geography of regions represented in registered submissions offers the widest spectrum of countries ranging from Australia, China, South Korea and India, then extending towards a number of European countries such as Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovak Republic, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, England, Ireland, and also heading towards the American continent nations, namely the US and Brazil.
In general, 20 countries will be represented in the competition. Fascinatingly, 7 architectural schools have expressed interest in taking part in the competition from Brazil, 3 from Portugal as well as from Bulgaria, and two from both Germany and the US.
Among the Lithuanian students registered and those expressing interested in the event 20 come from the Vilnius Gediminas’ Technical University, 30 are from Vilnius Academy of the Arts (also including proposals from the architecture program branch in the school’s faculty in Kaunas), and 40 are from Kaunas University of Technology.

The announcement of the winners and the opening of the exhibition with the architectural project submissions will take place as planned: On October 11th, 2013 at Kaunas Žalgiris Arena.