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As an International Event of contemporary architecture, Kaunas Architecture Festival (KAFe-2013) aims at to rise architectural awareness and understanding among different groups of audience – both professionals of architecture and design, and engaged and interested citizens and guests of Kaunas and Lithuania who simply enjoy good and inspiring architecture, and who want to know more about its international trends, and how surrounding physical and cultural contexts and realities affect contemporary architectural designs.


All activities, events, and ideas that inspired these in KAFe-2013 move around the keywords of „awareness-building“, „knowledge-transfer“, „dialogue“, „engagement“, and „inclusion“. Intuitively speaking, architecture takes an active part and plays a significant role in everybody’s and everyday-life. Architecture forms an invisible pillar around which people’s lives move thus affecting their moods, feelings, and inspirations. Awareness and understanding of such qualities and meanings of architecture, however, does not come as a natural and given gift. Appreciation of architectural details and techniques, its forms and proportions, its adaptability to the context and its human functions is a process that requires knowledge, engagement, sincerity, and openness to new and previously unknown experiences.


People naturally get closer to architecture, city-planning, or landscape design when they are confronted with pragmatic needs and also social requests – to buy a house, to rent an office, to do shopping, or to spent leisure time in a city. As an object of art, as a physical object that acts as an invisible extension of ourselves and thus performs a function of critical reflection of who we are, thus forming a significant part of our cultural identity, architecture is seldom discussed, understood, or appreciated.


The more often people would be confronted with good architecture and also with the knowledge about the process and complexity of its making and its role and functions in our lives, the better knowledge and understanding, awareness and communication, and also engagement will be born. Understanding diversities and sensitivities, acknowledgment of different points of view, appreciation of different imaginaries leads to unity, understanding and balance in life. And this makes people happier and more content; such kind of understanding and appreciation is also very much needed for living in our complex, changing, and very uncertain times.


KAFe-2013 Dates and Event Theme

• KAFe-2013 Event in Kaunas is organized for the first time, and is planned to become a biannual International Event of such scale and scope;
• Duration of the event: 6-8 weeks;
• Dates of the event: September-October 2013;
• Theme of the event: Historical City Centers and their Waterfronts.


Aims of KAFe-2013

As an open, publicly-engaging, knowledge-providing, different audiences-oriented event, KAFe-2013 has a goal to engage architects, design professionals and students, and Kaunas‘ citizens and guests of Lithuania into development of a constructive dialogue and mutual awareness about city development and its architecture as playing significant role in the city’s public life, its quality of well-being, and citizen awareness, engagement and activism;

Through all its planned activities (international conferences, student workshops, public lectures, exhibitions, media-related activities) this International Event seeks to develop mutual understanding, educate, inspire and to promote activism among different groups of audience engaged with quality and functions of contemporary architecture;

This International Event aims to promote collaborative engagement among architecture professionals of different age, education, professional experience and cultural standing. It also seeks to establish and promote partnerships between various international institutions and countries and cultural and geographic regions.