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The second event took place in Vilnius and was held at Vilnius City Municipality and Contemporary Art Centre between June 30 and July 4, 2009. The renowned architect Riken Yamamoto led the Japanese delegation which included Taro Ashihara, George Kunihiro, Ken Yokogawa, Nobuaki Furuya, Takaharu Tezuka, Taira Nishizawa, Manabu Chiba and Hiroshi Sambuichi. At the opening of the event, Riken Yamamoto delivered the keynote lecture at Vilnius City Municipality.


Five Japanese architects Takaharu Tezuka, Taira Nishizawa, Manabu Chiba, Hiroshi Sambuichi and Shuhei Endo, (the latter was not present at the event himself) exhibited their works under the title "New Wave of Japanese Architecture 2009" at Vilnius City Municipality.


On July 1, a public seminar was held at Contemporary Art Centre, featuring lectures by two speakers from each side, followed by a discussion.
Discussion on architecture was continued on July 3 at the international conference "Architecture: a Part of Culture (?)" held at Vilnius Town Hall.


Students workshop
Four mixed groups comprising 10 students each from Japan and Lithuania generated ideas aimed at the recovery of a problematic area. The point at issue – Park of Architecture, an area of about 58 hectares in one of the most beautiful locations in close proximity to Vilnius Old Town. The workshop was therefore tasked with proposing "hot spots" which would help in resurrecting the Park of Architecture and give new life to this socially degraded part of Vilnius city.


The students represented the following higher institutions:
in Japan – Waseda University, Tokai University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kokushikan University
in Lithuania – Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Art Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts[25], Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.