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The concept of the Lithuania-Japan architectural event was conceived and its implementation coordinated by Dainius Kamaitis, a Lithuanian diplomat and former ambassador to Japan. He paved the way for the bilateral exchange in the field of architecture by approaching both sides with a proposal to establish links which had not existed before. The idea was successfully implemented in Kaunas in cooperation with the Kaunas City Municipality and the Kaunas Section of the Architects Association of Lithuania in 2002. As the event enjoyed a considerable acclaim on both sides, following new initiatives by D.Kamaitis, subsequent architectural forums were implemented in Vilnius and Tokyo, in 2009 and 2011, accordingly. All the events received full support from the Architects Association of Lithuania and Japan Institute of Architects.


Each of the earlier architectural workshops had a different focus, but all these events were organized under one umbrella of East Meets East – where idea exchange and knowledge-sharing and understanding-building was stressed among two geographically and culturally distanced partners: Lithuania, as representative country of Central and Eastern Europe, being on the one side, and Japan, as a representative country of East Asia, - on the other pole of this imaginary line.


The name East-East is derived from the concept that Lithuania is located in the east of Europe, while Japan lies in the east of Asia. It implies mutual understanding, close cooperation and harmony.
East-East spans almost a week and is built on three pillars:
 exhibition of architectural works
 public seminar
 students workshop.



Partners of the project: Japan Institute of Architects  and Architects Association of Lithuania.